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Movie Screening & Discussion


I am Not Your Negro Panel Discussion

"I am Not Your Negro a film based on the work of James Baldwin - I saw it and was amazed- I left the theatre feeling like I needed to talk about what I just saw, there was so much to unpack, so I reached out to the Jane Pickens Theatre and offered Sankofa to host community discussions after the movie- our first one was great and JP invited us to do it again for the closing night of the film." - Niko Merritt

Here are what some of the participants had to say:

Thank you Niko Merritt and friends for making this event happen. I learned a bunch about J Baldwin. I'm glad our 13yr. son listened. We need more of these uncomfortable conversations.

Michael J Cullen

This is a movie not to be missed and many, many thanks to #Sankofa for offering a substantive discussion after the film last night. It, as I think Niko Merritt said, is not one which one just goes home to ponder. It requires, as Sankofa offered last night, the thoughts and shares of a diverse group of people. So go for the last night and panel discussion TOMORROW! If you can't make it, it looks like it will be at the Cable Car Cinema in Providence until the 16th.  But don't miss the final night and panel discussion at Jane Pickens!

Sarah Atkins

The movie was excellent, and it provoked reflection regarding what was with regard to race and race relations and what still is a challenge today with regard to current challenges. The panel discussion was a great way to help all of us to decompress all of our different views and share how the movie impacted us on a personal level. Thanks Niko for a great evening, I hope we can have more nights during which we share a movie and some intellectual reflection on how we each can create change in our communities.

Dr. R

So glad I was there. I am a child of the 60's, a big fan of James Baldwin. White Americans need to see this film. We need to face the systemic racism of our nation. Thank you for your activism Niko Merritt. Thanks also to the Jane Pickens Event center.

Pam Goff

Niko Merritt, may tonight's post documentary panel discussion be the first of many important community conversations to come. The film was eye-opening and worthy of a more in depth discourse.

Beth Cullen

Niko - you are doing important work. As a multicultural psychologist and educator, I think that your passion comes through in your leadership. I look forward to attending and supporting other community events in which we can grow and learn together. Mrs. Henry was fabulous also. Many thanks to her for sharing and being on the panel. There are so many individuals in Newport with such unique journeys and interests. I also always leave these types of events invigorated also.Additionally, we are so lucky to have a place like Jane Pickens to come together and share such a fabulous evening! Kudos to them also!!


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